Stretcher rod made of surgical steel (6 mm)

Stretcher rod made of surgical steel (6 mm) 1


Category: Stretcher rod
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Price: 6.39 €
Weight: 4.10 g
Length: 3.00 cm
Width: 0.60 cm
Height: 0.60 cm
Diameter: 0.60 cm
Colour: No colour
Material: Stainless steel

Short description

  • With the silver stretcher rod made of surgical stainless steel, you are perfectly on trend
  • Surgical steel 316L / stainless steel is used in medical instruments and prevents skin irritation, inflammation or allergies
  • Thanks to the exceptionally smooth surface, you have no problems inserting the stretcher
  • You can easily fix the stretcher rod with the included O-rings


Silver piercing stretcher rod / expander for slowly expanding the earlobe for flesh tunnels and ear plugs or as ear studs for existing piercing holes. The stretcher rod is made of high quality, hypoallergenic 316L surgical steel, which is very kind to the skin. Due to the very smooth surface, bacteria and viruses can hardly adhere, which prevents unpleasant skin irritation.

Go very slowly as you widen the piercing for the best stretching result. Use the rubber O-rings to prevent the stick from slipping.

Data on the 6 mm stretcher rod
Length: approx. 3.0 cm
Weight: approx. 4.1 g

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