About me

Website developer and journeyman gardener

less.pngMy name is Benjamin and I support small and medium-sized companies with their business card on the World Wide Web in order to attract and convince the right customers. Because I want more great deals to be found online and the smaller companies to continue to exist in our society. I would also like to offer even more of my own products from near nature in the future. Since I find that we don't have to export or import everything. Very often it seems to me that we no longer know what is good here, like the cow that constantly looks at the neighbor's meadow, just not at its own. I therefore hope that local companies with their products are supported and valued directly from the area and that they do not have to sell their excellent goods to the nearest supermarket.

Why all this here?

In my previous work, I was already the contact person for customers, took care of the organizational aspects and implemented what was desired. In the end I decided to start my own business because I had already learned a lot about the processes of a company while working. From the offer to the invoice, everything was there.

From Lego house to website construction kit

I can still remember when I started to get interested in computer science with the first computer with DOS or Windows 3.11 at a young age and put the Lego aside (for a while :) ...). Rewriting my first steps on the Internet with 56 kBit/s, Lemmings, Tomb Raider and DOS system, that is how my journey began and is far from over.

Of course, no plants should be missing in the office, because they also play an important role in my life. To compensate for everyday office life, in addition to my IT training, I have also successfully completed a gardener training.

How did I get the name of the page?

I came to the name because my page deals with a wide variety of topics and each curl of felt represents a connection to a topic. Dreadlock carriers are so-called dread heads. Dreadlocks have been worn in a wide variety of cultures throughout human history. For example, French soldiers with matted hair protected their neck from saber attacks. So there is no inevitable connection to drugs. In different religions, dreads are a connection to different gods. Rastafarians were considered particularly awesome and viewed their dreadlocks as a kind of antennae with which they can experience divine inspiration.

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