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Welcome to DreadyHead

How did I get the name of the page?
I came to the name because my page deals with a wide variety of topics and each curl of felt represents a connection to a topic. Dreadlock carriers are so-called dread heads. Dreadlocks have been worn in a wide variety of cultures throughout human history. For example, French soldiers with matted hair protected their neck from saber attacks. So there is no inevitable connection to drugs. In different religions, dreads are a connection to different gods. Rastafarians were considered particularly awesome and viewed their dreadlocks as a kind of antennae with which they can experience divine inspiration.

The products are offered on Amazon. Some products were developed and manufactured by me.

The recipe collection comes from my friends, mine and maybe you will soon put your recipes online. You have the option of making your recipes visible to everyone or just to you. Sign up and try it out.

Under Recommendations you will find companies, products and websites that I use and can recommend. These are affiliate links where I receive a commission. I would be happy if you support me with my project.

By the way, this page is my self-programmed CMS. I have been a web designer since 2016, based on my experience and knowledge, I developed this page. If you are looking for a fast, unknown CMS. Get in touch with me and I'll be happy to help you.

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